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[PRE-ORDER BTS] Japan Fortune Cookies

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[PRE-ORDER BTS] Japan Fortune Cookies

Arrived in Korea 1-1,5 months after Japan distribution

An original snack can with a refreshing spring design, purple fortune cookies and a random charm with hand-drawn illustrations of members are included, making it a perfect gift.

Inside the cookie is a piece of paper with a Japanese message from the members. Please enjoy with excitement what kind of member message will come out!

* Acrylic charms are randomly selected from all 7 types.

* There are a total of 21 types of messages, 3 types for each member, and the message content is randomly enclosed. (Each member x 1 type, 7 types in total)

・ Best-by date: 5 months (150 days from the date of shipment / detailed bottom sticker)

・ Ingredients: Wheat flour (domestic production), sugar, chicken eggs, coconut, vegetable fats and oils / coloring agents (red 3, red 106, blue 1)

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