Shopee Delivery

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Assisted Purchase

KStairway’s assisted purchase service supports nearly all kinds of websites whether they are online shopping malls or other general sites. Our price starts from 5% of the total product price and goes lower as the order volume goes up


Bunjang Purchase Assistence

Since Bunjang only can be accessed by Korean locals, some foreigners find it difficult to purchase cheap second/used items in Bunjang. But don’t worry since KStairway is here to help you to buy your desired products from Bunjang


Need Guidance?

If you still confuse about how to use KStairway Assisted Purchase Service, don’t worry since we have prepared the full guidelines for you. Feel free to click the link below for the full detailed guidelines. We want to make sure you get the best experience while using our service

Assisted Purchase Guideline

Bunjang Purchase Assistance Guideline