Warehouse Consolidation Request

In this consolidation form, notify us if you want us to consolidate and send forward your box to your destination. Please remember, certain delivery companies have their own size and weight limits. If your box is not enough, we will put your remaining items into another box (the next box)

KStairway Warehouse Process Diagram


  1. Fill in the required details in the form below
  2. Submit the form and wait for our Email regarding your box’s bill
  3. Follow the email instruction and go to this link to pay the bill. Pay with the EXACT amount according to the price stated in the Email
  4. We will process your request. 

By filling this form, you agree to KStairway warehouse policy

Consolidation Form

If you can’t see the form, please login first into your account

For a more detailed warehouse service guide, please refer to Full Warehouse Service Tutorial

Warehouse Fee
Delivery Limit & Fee
Warehouse Fee

These are KStairway’s Warehouse fees. If you’re sent the packages to our warehouse or used our assisted purchase service, we will calculate the warehouse fee from the day the first package arrives at our warehouse until the consolidation/packing day. If your items exceed the given volume limit, we will put the remaining into the new box means we will charge you another warehouse fee. See Summary for some examples.

Region Shipping Warehouse Fee /Day Volume Limit (mm x mm x mm) Weight Limit (kg)
Rest of the World DHL, EMS, Sea Cargo $0.99 700 x 500 x 500 Unlimited, as long as it fit within the box
Philippines DHL, EMS, Sea Cargo, Gold Star Express Mini & Regular $0.99 700 x 500 x 500 Unlimited, as long as it fit within the box
Gold Star Express Jumbo $1.89 750 x 550 x 750 Unlimited, as long as it fit within the box

Customers can keep their package for up to two months in total. After two months without notice, the customer’s packages will be out of our control and custody. 

Delivery Limit & Fee

These are the rules set by the delivery company. If your items exceed the limit, we will send the remaining in the next parcel

Delivery Company Weight Limit (kg) Volume Limit (cm) Shipping Fee (USD)
DHL 30 Not exceed 150 cm Check this link
EMS 30 Not exceed 150 cm
Sea Cargo 20 Not exceed 120 cm
Gold Star Express (Philippines only) Unlimited Not exceed the given box


In summary, you only need to pay for these things when shopping in KStairway while using our warehouse services:

Conditional – pay at the beginning

  • Products (only if you’re buying product(s) from KStairway store or using our assisted purchase service)

Required – pay at the end

  • Warehouse fee – Since the first package arrives at our warehouse, until consolidation/packing day
  • Delivery fee 

Warehouse Service Scenario – a Tale of Lisa and Jimin

Scenario 1:

Jimin sent a package to our warehouse address, it arrives on 9th August. He then continues to sending packages to our warehouse address until decided to stop and request for consolidation and forward shipping to him. He then fills the Consolidation Form on 30th August and we notify Jimin of his bill and order details through his email.

This is Jimin order details:

  • Warehouse Duration: 22 days
  • Total Weight: 17 kg
  • Destination: Germany
  • Shipping Method: EMS

Here is the amount Jimin need to pay,

Warehouse Fee (22 x $0.99) + Delivery Fee (EMS delivery fee to Germany for 17 kg = $200.5) = $21.78 + $200.5 = $222.28

Not only Jimin saves a lot of money in delivery fee, but he also able to get bonus items from KStairway.

Scenario 2:

Lisa bought some products from the KStairway store on 15th November, she chooses Keep at Warehouse as her shipping method because she want to collect her product before send it out to her destination. She also used KStairway assisted purchase service. On 27th November, Lisa was notified by KStairway admin that her items exceed the given volume from KStairway rules. Lisa was notified that her next items will be put into the new box. 

Week by week goes by, Lisa felt satisfied with her shopping and decided to fill the Consolidation Form on 8th December. We notify Lisa about her bill and order details though her email.

This is Lisa order details:

  • Total Store Order: $353
  • Total Assisted Purchase Order: $560.82
  • Warehouse Duration: 23 days
  • Total Weight: 39 kg
  • Destination: Thailand
  • Shipping Method: DHL

Here is the amount Lisa need to pay,

  • Store Order $353 + Assisted Purchase Order $560.82 = $913.82 (already paid during checkout)
  • Warehousee Fee ((1st box = 23 x $0.99) + (2nd box = 12 x $0.99 )) = $34.65
  • Delivery Fee (DHL delivery fee to Thailand for 30 kg = $269.34 + DHL delivery fee to Thailand for 9 kg = $123.35 ) = $392.69

Total = $913.82 (already paid during checkout) + $34.65 + $392.69 = $1.341,16

If Lisa shopping at a Korean mall one by one, and directly deliver it to her address. She could spend more than $2.800! Instead, Lisa uses KStairway’s warehouse and service to gather and collect her items before sending them forward to her destination address. Lisa already saves more than 50% and not only that, KStairway also gives their customer exclusive offers to save your money even more.

Our Box Illustrated

Regular Box for EMS, DHL, and Air/Sea Cargo

Gold Star Express Cargo Boxes

Warehouse Service Payment Page

Warehouse Service Payment

Only pay after you received an Email about your box’s bill and the payment instruction

Assisted Purchase Service

Assisted Purchase Service

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Shipping Rates and Methods

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Shipping Rates and Methods