Warehouse and Consolidation

Many products are available online but not every retailer ships to international addresses. Some may do ship to many countries, but are not able to pack products efficiently or provide the lowest shipping cost. KStairway here to help, you can shop in Korea and have packages forwarded to anywhere in the world.

KStairway Warehouse offers the best service and price you can find on the market. For only $1/day, you can have a warehouse space to store your goods in Seoul. Our professional staff will process all of your packages safely before it arrives in your hands.

Use Our Service with 3 Simple Steps

Our Warehouse Address

"서울 특별시 은평구 응암동 124-28 201호 03456"

Phone Number | 010-7622-6372
KStairway Warehouse Address & Phone Number

What now?

How to use KStairway Warehouse?
How to use KStairway Address in Korean Shopping Mall?

What are you waiting for?

Ship to our warehouse and request for a consolidation

Let us do the job so you can save a ton of time and money

Looking for Assisted Purchase Service?

Assisted Purchase is KStairway’s service to place orders or payments on Korean websites instead of customers. Since many Korean shopping websites are not open to foreigners, even though foreigners can register, many still have trouble making the final payment because they do not support overseas cards such as VISA/MASTER/JCB.

KStairway here to help you purchase products on various Korean shopping mall. Combined with our warehouse in Seoul, you can choose to store your products in our warehouse first or directly be sent after we place the orders. Visit our Assisted Purchase page to learn more about this service.

Need Help?

If you still confuse about how to use KStairway Warehouse Service, worry not since we have prepared the full guidance to use our warehouse service and the shipping fee and methods information. Feel free to click the link below to see the shipping fee and methods as well as the full detailed guidance. We want to make sure you get the best experience while using our service