KStairway Services

In general, KStairway offers two main types of services

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Warehouse Service

Secure and affordable warehouse in Seoul, South Korea. You can get it for only $0.99/day. KStairway’s warehouse is the best affordable warehouse service you can find on the market

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Assisted Purchase Service

KStairway’s assisted purchase service supports nearly all kinds of websites whether they are online shopping malls or other general sites. Our price starts from 5% of the total product price and goes lower as the order volume goes up

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Other Services

Bunjang Purchase Assistance

Since Bunjang only can be accessed by Korean locals, some foreigners find it difficult to purchase cheap second/used items in Bunjang. But don’t worry because KStairway is here to help you to buy your desired products from Bunjang for FREE!

Shopee Delivery

As Shopee offers many benefits for its customers and sellers, Shopee has been a number one choice among people for buying and delivering their goods. There is no additional fee if you wish to use Shopee Delivery shipping method

Concert Ticket

KStairway has been in many exclusive limited K-Pop events and concerts. With years of experience, KStairway sure know how to deliver the best service for the fans across the globe


KStairway also open an affordable guesthouse for those of you that stay in Seoul, South Korea. Our guesthouse is located in Sinchon, the heart of Seoul with various facilities nearby the guesthouse. KStairway guesthouse is named Ewha DH Guesthouse since it’s close to Ewha Women University