Article 1. (Purpose)

The purpose of this ‘terms and conditions’ is to define the rights, duties and obligations between the company and the customers, in terms of using the shipping, assisted purchasing, and payment services provided by KStairway.

Article 2. (Definition)

  1. ‘User’ refers to the person who accesses to KStairway, and receives the services provided by KStairway, in accordance with terms and conditions.
  2. ‘Member’ refers to the person who is registered to KStairway, by providing personal information. Members will receive Kougou information continuously, and will be eligible for KStairway service constantly.

Article 3.
(Stipulation, interpretation and revision of terms and conditions)

  1. The company should post the terms and conditions, name of the company, address (including the address, to which customers may file complaints), telephone number, email address, and the personal information management supervisor on the first page of the website, so that members can easily find needed information. For the terms of conditions, the company may use the linked screens for better space usage.
  2. The company may revise this terms and conditions to serve the management policy.
  3. When the company revises the terms and conditions, the company must post the notification of revision on the first page of website, specifying the reason and application date of the revision, along with currently valid terms and conditions. However, if the revision is disadvantageous to users, it must be posted with the grace period.
  4. In case of revision, the revision is valid only to transactions made after the notified application date. For the transactions before the application date, previous terms and conditions should be applied.
  5. For the interpretation of terms and conditions, and for the matters not stipulated herein, relevant statue and customary law must be applied.

Article 4. (Service provision and modification)

  1. KStairway implements the services as described below.
  2. Act as agent for purchase, provide information about foreign on-line shopping malls, and conclude contract for import agency service.
  3. Conclude contract of shipment for items, for which users requested for purchase/import agency service.
  4. Ship the items, for which users requested purchasing or import agency service.
  5. Shipping service
  6. Other tasks designated by KStairway
  7. The company may modify the service when the product or service is no more available, or when there are technical changes for the service. In this case, the modification must be promptly notified on KStairway website.
  8. When there are unavoidable changes to the service for users, such as when the product is out of stock, or when there are technical problems, the company must promptly notify the reasons and the details of the change to users.

Article 5. (Suspension of the service)

  1. In case of maintenance, inspection, repair, exchange of components, or loss of signal, KStairway may temporarily suspend the service.
  2. For the situations described in Article 5.1, the company must compensate for the damages to users, unless it is proven that the company is neither responsible nor negligent for the cause of damage.

Article 6. (Completion and refusal of contract)

  1. The process of completing contract between the company and members is as described in below clauses.
  2. When the member completes the registration to KStairway and orders items from foreign or domestic shopping mall, then, once the item is delivered and stocked in personal suite number of the member allocated by KStairway, the contract between the company and the member becomes valid. When the ordered item is stocked in KStairway distribution center, the member is deemed to have agreed with the use of service, and obliged to pay for service fees.
  3. Since the completion of contract means that the member entrusts the company with overall procedure of shipment, including international shipment, importation, and delivery to final domestic address, if the company requests user’s action to serve the related procedures, the user must cooperate for the request in good faith.
  4. In cases described in below clauses, the company may refuse the users’ request for the service.
  5. When there is false information, omission, or false description in the request form submitted by the user.
  6. When the user requests for the import or shipping agency service for legally banned items or items not serviceable under the company’s terms and conditions.
  7. When it is determined by the company, for other clear reasons, that proving the service would cause significant management or technical problems to the company.

Article 7. (Limitations of service)

  1. The service of KStairway is limited to the cases of purchasing and shipping services, with sole purpose of personal use. For cases described in below clauses, the company may return the item to the seller, under the users’ agreement.
  2. Items including animal, gold/silver bars, currency, medical supplies, weaponry, part of human body, pornography, precision metal, stone, refrigerated articles, items that require refrigeration, explosives, or inflammable items.
  3. When the item is banned for import, export or air transportation.
  4. When the invoice is inadequate, the package is poorly done, or the company determines that providing the service is impractical.
  5. When other relevant law prohibits the import/export of the item.
  6. When the address of the user is unclear.

Article 8.
(Notification of reception, Cancelation and modification of service request)

Regarding the usage of foreign suite number and foreign or domestic on-line shopping malls, KStairway completes the contract with users through the procedures described in below clauses.

  1. Upon users’ request of storage service through KStairway, the company must give notice of reception to users.
  2. After receiving the notice of reception from the company, users may request for modification or cancelation of the service if any discrepancy on the agreement is found.
  3. If the item arrived at KStairway address turns out to be subject to the clauses of Article 7, the company may cancel the contract for service. In this case, the returning fee and all other expenses must be paid by the user.

Article 9. (Items for the service)

  1. When the items that the user ordered arrive at KStairway address, customers will be notified via email. When forward request is done, KStairway will request the user to pay the service fee for international shipment, and the user must complete the payment within 30 days. If this service fee is not paid within designated time, the item will be retained in the KStairway warehouse. During the retention, the user will be given the date for free storage, depending on the user’s membership level. When the free storage date is expired, additional storage fee will be charged with variation depending on the user’s membership level.
  2. If the user does not pay the service fee within designated time in Article 9.1, then the legal interest will be charged until the fee is paid. For this reason, we strongly recommend users to pay the fee within the designated time.
  3. If the users do not submit request form of shipping or shipping agency service, and the item is retained more than 30 days in KStairway warehouse, the company does not take any responsibility for the loss, damage, disappearance, or robbery of the item. After the retention exceeds 60 days, KStairway can discard the item at its will.
  4. The user has an obligation to complete and submit the request for shipping agency service after the item is delivered to KStairway address. If the user fails to do so, and an unidentifiable item is delivered to KStairway, the item will be stored in the warehouse for one-month maximum for free, and the company will follow the Article 9.3 for subsequent situation.
  5. Storage fee for KStairway warehouse will be charged as below.
  6. For general members, 500 KRW is charged on each day after 30 days from the delivery to KStairway warehouse, to the date the item is shipped out.
  7. If the service fee is not paid within 30 days after notification of service fee, the company can hold off the shipment.
  8. Partial arrival. When the user orders a number of items, and only some parts of items are delivered to KStairway address, the storage date count starts from the date of first delivery. When the free storage period is passed, the company will send notification to the user by Email, and if there is no response within one week, the company can arbitrarily sell or remove the item, to compensate for the storage cost. Note that the company does not take any responsibility for the loss, damage, disappearance, or robbery of the item after 60 days from the delivery.
  9. In order to conduct more secure delivery service with lower price, the company may redo the package of the item, without the users’ agreement.
  10. After 90 days from the retention at warehouse, the item may be removed.
  11. Regarding purchasing and forwarding items, we are not responsible for any possible default and loss of parcels which can be caused from sellers. We only provide free address service on behalf of customers and customers should have all responsibility on the transaction with each seller.
  12. Regarding claims of loss and missing on packages customers received from us, we only accept box opening video as a proof within 2 weeks from the date the user received packages.

Article 10. (International shipping and custom clearance)

  1. From South Korea to user’s address, the company uses Post office services, DHL, FEDEX, TNT, and CJ Logistics to provide shipping services. If any damage is done to the item in the course of the transportation, the compensation can be offered in accordance with the insurance policy of each shipping company.
  2. Under the custom clearance policy for individual importation of items for personal use, the company sets the users as the tax payer. Regarding import duty in customer’s country, it is on customer’s responsibility.

Article 11. (Complain & Return Policy)

  1. Before the ordered item is packed and shipped out from the KStairway warehouse, the user may request for return. If the return request is properly submitted in timely manner, Sender should have delivery man come to our warehouse or KStairway will send the item back to seller, and the user must pay for additional cost for return.
  2. User’s request for return are accepted only before the ordered items are packed and shipped out from the KStairway warehouse to the user. Once the item is shipped out from KStairway warehouse, user’s return request cannot be accepted.
  3. Need to provide unboxing video :
    – Full video without edit and pause
    – Video need to be clear, not blur
    – Have to show all box, bubble and stuff from the beginning until end
    – If you didn’t provide all the inquiries, we are sorry we couldn’t process your complain.

  4. Contact us through SNS and provide your order number and tracking number, and link for full video (you can upload in your google drive and share link)

  5. We will process your complain and offer the best solution ^^

Article 12. (Refund Policies)

1. When the customer orders have been received, a refund on cases subject, will only be processed under several circumstances :

  • If the status of the product (or the order) is “Awaiting Processing”, Kstairway will issue the refund 100%;
  • If the status of the product (or the order) is “Processing”, Kstairway will issue the refund 80%;
  • If the status of the product (or the order) is “Ready for Pick Up”, Kstairway will issue the refund 60%;

All refunds are not automatically approved. Some returns must be reviewed by an examiner. This review generally requires additional information to be submitted

2. If customers have received the products in their places, refunds are only available for products that are damaged, defective, or significantly different from the product description based on Kstairway website

  • To request a refund, customers must contact Kstairway within 3 days upon receiving the product,and providing proof for the issue such as unboxing videos.
  • If the product is eligible for a refund, we will issue the refund cases per based.
  • Refunds are not available for products that have been opened, unsealed, used, and damaged by the customer.

3. Pre mentioned refund issue case above, will take time from 7 – 21 days.

Even though we issue most refunds in less than 21 days, it’s possible your refund may take longer. Also, remember to take into consideration the time it takes for your financial institution to post the refund to your account or for you to receive it by mail.


Article 13. (Obligation of the company)

  1. The company will not conduct any action that is prohibited by good public order and good morals, and obliged to try its best to provide the service stably and constantly, in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  2. The company must prepare the security system for the protection of users’ personal information (including credit information), so that users can safely use the internet service.
  3. KStairway will not send commercial emails to users against the users’ will.

Article 14. (Obligation of the users)

  1. Users have an obligation not to conduct below actions.
  2. Use false information for registration or correction.
  3. Use other person’s name
  4. Change the information that are posted on KStairway.
  5. Post or send the information other than the information required by KStairway (e.g, Computer programs)
  6. Infringe the third party’s copyrights or intellectual property rights via KStairway.
  7. Conduct libel or interruption of business, to the third party or KStairway.
  8. Post articles that are against good public order and good morals, including but not excluded by, pornography, violent messages, video or audio files, and articles to slander other person. (In this case, the company may delete the post by its own discretion)
  9. Publically defame KStairway, and interrupt the business.
  10. Commit tax evasion or violation of law, and cause damage to KStairway.
  11. If somethings happen about your order, we can contact you quick. We need to communicate with you. If your responds within a certain timeframe, kstairway has the authority to make a decision regarding the customer’s order. And you must accept it

Article 15. (Ownership of copyrights and restraint on use)

  1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights of articles that the company produced belong to the company.
  2. Without the company’s agreement, users may not use the information whose intellectual property rights belong to the company, by copying, transferring, publishing, distributing or broadcasting for the commercial purposes. Users also may not allow the third party to use the information.

Article 16. (Dispute resolution)

  1. The company should establish and manage the department for compensation, in order to properly respond to users’ reasonable complaints, and conduct the appropriate compensation.
  2. The company should try, in good faith, to deal with the users’ complaints and opinions with priority.

Article 17. (Jurisdiction and applicable law)

  1. In case of legal disputes, the court that has jurisdiction over the company’s address by the time of dispute will have the jurisdiction over the dispute.
  2. The company has its headquarter in South Korea, therefore, for the legal dispute between the company and users, the law of South Korea will be applied.

Article 18. (Ticketing Services)

  1. KStairway is a self-independent third-party ticketing service, KStairway does not hold any music events and has no control over ticket availability. Any abrupt cancellation or changes without notice is beyond KStairway control and responsibility.
  2. Without the previous agreement of both parties, a refund or return prior to the purchased ticket is not applicable.
  3. In case of force majeure event/absence of performer, KStairway serves no right to return the purchased ticket by any means. KStairway has the right to forward users’ complaints to the related institutions/officials and ask for appropriate compensation.