Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What are KStairway warehouse’s service advantages over direct international shipping by shopping sites?

  • Free Package Storage Photos
  • Free Consolidation
  • Receive Regular Mail
  • Various type of shipping methods
  • Professional and dedicated forwarding and assisted purchasing service
  • Secure and convenient payment
  • Value-added services that reduce your total cost of shopping


What items can be assisted purchased by KStairway?

In general, all Korean goods can be purchased through KStairway, except that some goods require sellers to keep end-users on the mainland or strictly prohibit overseas sales under relevant laws


Does the package sent by KStairway’s is Customs duties free?

Regarding import duty in customer’s country, it is on customer’s responsibility.


KStairway is committed to reducing the overall cost of purchasing in Korea by providing a full set of logistics and payment solutions for global customers.

In general, KStairway offers two main types of services: Warehouse Services, Assisted Purchase and  Payment. In addition, we have other special value-added services.

  • Warehouse Services: through KStairway’s warehouse in South Korea, you can send the goods purchased in Korea to each user’s destination in the world that do not support direct global mail to users, which makes it easy for you to buy Korean goods even if you are not in South Korea
  • Assisted Purchase and Payment: Many Korean websites are still not open to foreigners and do not support the use of overseas bank cards to settle accounts. KStairway can place orders on behalf of users and help users transfer payments to sellers in Korea.
  • Value-added services: Based on logistics transfer and payment services, KStairway also provides rich value-added services such as consolidation for free, original packaging removal ,premium re-packing, goods photography and quantity inspection.

Warehouse Service

What’s the KStairway Warehouse Address?

서울 특별시 은평구 응암동 124-28 201호 03456 | 010-7622-6372 

No. 201, 124-28 Eungam-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul South Korea 03456 | 010-7622-6372

Please put your name in the name field when you send the package to our warehouse. You also can watch this video for how to use my address, click this Youtube video!


What happens if I do not put my name in the package?

All packages arrived at our warehouse but no known name on each package will be stored and out of our control and custody. This is for reducing unidentified packages.

How much is the KStairway Warehouse fee?

US$ 2.99 /Day

US$ 0.99/Day*

for 1 big box (700mm x 500mm x 500mm) 

*For the Philippines only, it’s US$ 1.89/Day, the box also bigger (750mm x 550mm x 550mm = Jumbo Box) 


How to Use KStairway Warehouse Service?

To read more detail about how to use our warehouse service, please refer to this link


How long does it take for photos and sorting applications?

It is processed within 3 working days.


Why is package consolidation such a big deal?

Wouldn’t it make sense to send each package from each store directly to your home address? We are going to explain it to you more in detail. Consolidation is the big secret on how to achieve huge savings on shipping. You can save over 50% to 90% on shipping costs. Why? Each package contains a lot of packaging material and empty space that being packed from the retailer. Also, the shipping cost for smaller packages is higher per kilo/pound comparing to bigger packages. KStairway will let you use our warehouse to collect packages from different retailers. 


What are the other advantages of using the KStairway Consolidations service?

• Removing unnecessary packaging and bulky boxes.
• We tightly pack the package, reduce the empty space to a minimum so you don’t pay the postage cost for empty space in the package.
• We check the content of packages to make sure you get what you order and it’s not broken.
• We provide you with photos of the consolidated package.
• You can also request additional special requests such as an Additional Bubble Wrap or Security Tape.


How does KStairway warehouse service work?

To read more detail about our warehouse service, please refer to this link

Assisted Purchase and Payment Service

What’s KStairway Assisted Purchase and Payment Service?

Acting payment is KStairway’s service to place orders or payments on Korean websites instead of customers. Since many Korean shopping websites are not open to foreigners, many users even choose to register. Once you understand what you like, you can’t place orders on your own. Many other websites, even though foreigners can register, still have trouble making the final payment because they do not support overseas cards such as VISA/MASTER/JCB. In view of the special situation of shopping sites in Korea, KStairway has launched a proxy payment service that can either use KStairway’s own account number to order for users or log in to a website that has already been registered to complete the final settlement for users.

In addition, KStairway can provide bank accounts in Korea or related charge-up accounts for its users. Customers need only use the US dollar to settle with KStairway at the current exchange rate, which is much faster and more efficient than traditional international bank remittance methods, and more accurate transfers, and easier to deal with


Does KStairway support money transfer to my Korean local seller?

Yes, KStairway supports transferring accounts to any Korean bank account. When submitting an application for assisted purchase and payment service, please record in detail the bank name, bank account, name of the recipient, contact information, transfer amount, and notes that need to be transmitted (not more than 10 words in general, due to the compatibility between the banking systems, there is no guarantee that 100% service will be delivered). The sample format is as follows:

Depositor name: 국민은행
Bank account: 321-4567-89012
Recipient: 김하나
Contact: 010-1234-5678
Send Notes: My Notes

In order to accurately process your transfer instructions, bank name, and recipient name, please use Korean as much as possible.


How long does it take to process my assisted purchase/payment order?

Remittances and purchases can be made within 1 x 24 hours


What domestic payment methods do KStairway’s assisted purchase/payment service support?

KStairway, which owns the settlement accounts of several major banks in Korea, supports payment methods such as bank transfers, credit cards (non-normal CHECK CARD or debit cards), which can meet the collection requirements of almost all Korean websites or recipients.

However, if discount events on individual websites can only be enjoyed using a particular credit card company’s credit card, they are generally not available for the following reasons:
•  Generally such discounts are promoted for new or smaller credit card companies, and in most cases, KStairway does not have a corresponding credit card for credit card companies.
• Most credit card-based discount activities (e.g. 10% of the premium for using Lotte Card) have a maximum quota or a frequency limit (e.g. a maximum monthly limit of 30000 KRW or up to twice), so even KStairway cannot enjoy the discount even if it happens to have the corresponding payment method.


What websites do KStairway’s assisted purchase/payment service support?

KStairway’s assisted purchase and payment service supports nearly all kinds of websites whether they are online shopping malls or other general sites unless there are specific laws or regulations stipulating that the end-users should reside in Korea domestically. We are also dealing with the second-hand market but all losses and fraud would be customer responsibility.

Please be informed that we are not in a position to provide you with assisted purchase for the item which is sold by a personal seller as per our business policy. Please place an order for the item you want to buy from your seller directly.

We can furnish you with our assisted payment service on behalf of you after you order the item and inform us of the ordered amount and the seller’s bank details (name of bank, account number, name of beneficiary).

Shipping and Delivery

What countries can KStairway forward to?

KStairway transshipment adopts international EMS, DHL, and Air/Sea Cargo channels and methods to support the transshipment of parcels to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and has great timeliness and safety.


What items are restricted by air?

Please note that battery itself or battery built-in products, spray-type products, liquid products, perfume, etc. may be difficult to clear from all country’s customs offices. We suggest you using DHL or Sea parcel for forwarding those items.


What’s KStairway Shipping Method?

  1. DHL & EMS
  2. Air and Sea Cargo 
  3. Gold Star Express
  4. Domestic Shipping Delivery
  5. Shopee


What’s KStairway Delivery Schedule?

  1. DHL and EMS: Daily shipment except on weekends and holidays.
  2. Air and Sea Cargo: Once a week.
  3. Gold Star Express Cargo: Once a week.
  4. Domestic Shipping Delivery: Daily shipment except on weekends and holidays.
  5. Shopee: Once a week.


How many days does it take to receive my package?

  1. DHL and EMS: 4-8 working days after being sent
  2. Air and Sea Cargo: 1-2 weeks after being sent (air) and 3 months after being sent (sea)
  3. Gold Star Express Cargo: 1 month after being sent
  4. Domestic Shipping Delivery: 1-2 working days after being sent.
  5. Shopee: 1-2 weeks after being sent


Is there size or weight limits?

Delivery Company Weight Limit (kg) Volume Limit (cm)
DHL 30 Not exceed 150 cm
EMS 30 Not exceed 150 cm
Sea Cargo 20 Not exceed 120 cm
Gold Star Express Unlimited Not exceed the given box


How do you calculate the DHL / EMS rate?

DHL/EMS rates are determined by comparing the actual weight and volume weight, respectively. Relatively light but bulky products (e.g., blankets, winter clothes, dolls, bag snacks, instant noodles, products that require a lot of buffering materials, etc.) are cases where the volume weight is larger than the actual weight, so the freight charge is determined by volume weight. Please understand that the shipping fee may vary depending on the size of the packaging box.

The methods for measuring volume weight according to the International Special Delivery Regulations of all air carriers are as follows:

Weight(kg) = (Width(cm) x Length(cm) x Height(cm)) / 6000

The value divided by 6000 divided by the horizontal, vertical, and height (based on cm) of the packaging box is the volume weight value. If the weight is larger than the actual weight, please refer to the application for safe delivery as we inform you once again that the volume weight is subject to the standard of fare calculation.


Can I return/exchange a package?

If the seller picks up the package, please apply for the return/exchange by yourself. If you seller is not possible to pick the package up, the customer should apply for the forward application. And the customer should pay the shipping fee.

Payment Method

KStairway currently supports three types of payment: PayPal (USD), Western Union (USD), Credit Card and Bank Account transfers.

If you need to transfer the value through a bank account, please let us know as soon as possible via the Bank Transfer Confirmation Form so we could verify your payment much faster.

You can directly pay safely with PayPal and Credit or Debit Card from our website. But if you want to choose another form of payment, you can refer to the information below.

Western UnionYoon Cheong Hyeok, 010-7622-6372. 14, Eungam-ro 21ga-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Bank Account

Indonesian Bank AccountBCA 5271 724 781 atas nama Mellyna

Korean Bank Account기업은행 541 022656 01 018 윤청혁 기업은행

    Industrial Bank of Korea

     Code: IBKOKRSE

     Account Number 541 022656 01 018     

     Address: 9-88 Yeomni-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

     Name: Yoon Cheong Hyeok

     Phone +821076226372

Foreign Bank AccountKookmin Bank

USD only – Swift Code: CZNBKRSEXXX

Account Number 498168 11 005828

Address: 162, Sinchon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Name : Yoon Cheong Hyeok

Phone +8210 7622 6372


Please remind that for any form of payment outside our website, you MUST submit the payment confirmation form for each transaction. You can find the payment confirmation form from this link.


Coming Soon


What should I do if the forwarded package arrived with items missing?

All claims for damages must be reported to KStairway within 10 days after receiving the package. Otherwise, they will be automatically denied. Regarding claims of loss and missing packages customers received from us, we only accept box opening video as proof.

You can submit your inquiries and complaint on this form