Notice Fill this form if you’ve already made a payment with Bank Transfer or Western Union only. If you’re paying using PayPal/Cards, it’s automatically processed so no need to fill this form

Bank Transfer and Western Union Confirmation

After you make an order in the KStairway store using Bank Transfer or Western Union, fill this form to upload your payment proof. This will fasten your order process.


  1. After finish an order in KStairway store, fill in the required details in the form below
  2. Upload the proof
  3. Wait 1×24 hours during the workday and we will update your order status from “on-hold” to “processing” once we verify the payment. You can check your order status in Orders (My Account > Recent Orders)

By filling this form, you agree to KStairway terms of service



Bank Transfer and Western Union Confirmation Form

If you can’t see the form, please login first into your account

For a more detailed warehouse service guide, please refer to Full Order Tutorial