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Bunjang Purchase Assistance Service

Since Bunjang only can be accessed by Korean locals, some foreigners find it difficult to purchase cheap second/used items in Bunjang. But don’t worry since KStairway is here to help you to buy your desired products from Bunjang (번개장터)! 


  1. Fill the Bunjang Order Application Form
  2. Wait for 1-3 workdays for a Private Message (My Account > Private Message). If you’re accepted, we going to give you login access into our shared Bunjang account. If you’re not accepted, try again later, maybe your account isn’t following our requirements or the current shared Bunjang account is already full
  3. After you get the login access, log in to the shared Bunjang account, find your products, and make a deal with the Bunjang seller
  4. Make sure you buy from a trusted seller because we don’t responsible if there’s any fraud or loss. Choose Lighting Pay or Bank Transfer as the payment method
  5. After made a deal, fill the Bunjang Order Confirmation and Payment Form. Fill in the product page link and Bunjang seller name. If you purchase more than one product, please fill a new form since each form is only for one product
  6. Pay the product with the price from the Total Price (with Fee) in KRW field
  7. Since Bunjang use KRW, convert the currency into USD with Currency Converter Widget (bottom left of your screen)
  8. Submit the form
  9. We will process your order. You can check your order status in the given Google Sheets Link
  10. If your product is sold out/out of stock, we will 100% refund your money but keep in mind, we still going to cut $1 from your payment as an administration fee. If your product price is different than what you have written in this form, we will notify you through Private Message and let you decide to continue the order or not

By filling this form, you agree to KStairway terms of service

Bunjang Order Application Form

Bunjang Order Confirmation and Payment Form

If you can’t see the form, please login first into your account

For a more detailed warehouse service guide, please refer to Full Bunjang Purchase Assistance Service Tutorial